The WeCareMore Centre is one of the most outstanding results of the ProACT project.

John Dinsmore, Trinity College, Dublin

WeCareMore is the result of our thirty-year commitment in projects, initiatives and networks that have aimed at finding real impact of technological progress on the quality of life of people with disabilities and older adults.

The Center manages projects that explore new solutions to overcome the barriers faced by people with disabilities and to increase their autonomy. Due to the demographic changes more and more the elderly have become a target audience; for them, technologies can mean active and healthy lives in safety.

Many pilot projects preceded us, but people and organisations often weren’t ready, or technologies created alienation. All of this can be overcome.
Now is the time to overcome the challenges of digitisation in the person centred care sector and reach outcomes

AIAS Bologna onlus operates with a non-for-profit logic, but WeCareMore is not a center based on volunteering. Together with those who want to collaborate, we are looking for funds for the development, testing, implementation and management of innovative products and services.

“We Care”, as many outstanding professionals in the care sector do. WeCare ”More” because we are convinced that person centred technology is an opportunity for the sector.

There is a huge need for Knowhow Centres able to drive innovation in the sector.

Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General of EASPD,