The Centre for Research and Innovation

The Centre for Research and Innovation “WeCareMore” offers to public and private bodies consultancy services and partnerships regarding the use of digital technologies in the health and social care sector.

The goal is to support the transformation of the care sector in the era of the digital revolution, developing economically sustainable solutions, based on the principles of co-design, that enhance the quality of life and autonomy of the elderly and persons with disabilities.

The Centre acts as a partner for organisations that intend to invest in the digitalisation of their services. The team, made up of experts from AIAS Bologna onlus, is multidisciplinary and operates with a non-for-profit logic. It has many years of national and international experience in various areas:

  • scientific and applied research (home automation, ambient assisted living, tele-health, assistive robotics, etc.);
  • analysis of the context, of needs and co-design of technologies and services (living-lab);
  • the ideation of customized solutions based on digital and accessible technologies and assistive technologies;
  • training of workforce and end-users;
  • event organisation and other dissemination activities;
  • support to institutions interested in the issue of digitalisation for the improvement of services and for the quality of life of citizens. 

The team is constantly updating its expertise regarding technological development and changes in the world of health and social care services.

WeCareMore is created to be a resource centre for local authorities, institutions, companies, associations and public and private suppliers of social , health and integrated care services!

The team of the Centre, despite having different aims and targets, collaborates with AIAS Bologna’s AT team that staffs the Regional Centre for Assistive Technology of Emilia-Romagna (CRA) and the Centre for Environmental Adaptation (CAAD) of Bologna.

For further info (in italian): https://wecaremore.it/

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