The Pleinair Project aims to create a “smart” public park that implements new types of urban furniture equipped with elements of “intelligence” distributed to promote the adoption of active lifestyles and good health for all and for all groups of age.

AIAS Bologna Onlus and the WeCareMore Team in particular will take care of the analysis of the perceived usefulness, usability and acceptability of the system by the target users and of the information for the further improvement of the System and its prototyping.

The project, financed with the POR-FESR Regional Funds, sees AIAS Bologna Onlus within a partnership composed of public and private entities of excellence at regional level: DataRiver (Ing. Mirko Orsini), Future Techology Lab (Prof. Paolo Ciampolini ), TekneHub (Prof. Arch. Giuseppe Mincolelli), CIRI Life Sciences and Health Technologies (Prof. Lorenzo Chiari), ERGOTEK (Dott. Stefano Tedesco), SARBA (Dott. Simone Guandalini), MHT (Dott. Carlo Tacconi) .

Official site of the project (in Italian)

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