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Start of the project: January 2020
Duration: 24 months
Project Leader: EASPD (Belgium)
Partners: AIAS Bologna (Italy), FUNKA (Sweden), JKU University, AAATE (Austria), European University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Atempo, Association of European Border Regions (Germany), Saint John of God Community Services (Ireland), MARGARITA training center (Greece).

The Entelis + project aims to develop and implement innovative methods to promote inclusive education and common values, as well as support the digital skills and competences of digitally excluded groups, such as people with disabilities of all ages, through strategic public-private partnerships.

The Entelis + project, taking the project and the Entelis network (of which AIAS Bologna is part), of the IE + project and of the methodological approach of the “EIP on AHA” community, aims to reduce the digital divide by strengthening collaboration between organizations for the definition of strategies and policies aimed at developing the digital skills of people with disabilities of all ages.

Le attività che verranno messe in atto, in particolare saranno:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of accessibility as an enabling factor for inclusive learning and teaching;
  • Development of the digital skills of people with disabilities and of the elderly for a complete participation in the digital society;
  • Development of the capacity of those key actors in charge of designing and implementing facilitation frameworks (public authorities and service providers).

After an initial initial analysis of the context and the identification of good practices and success factors for the promotion of the digital skills of people with disabilities and the elderly, training programs will be developed which will aim to provide the skills necessary to encourage the reduction of the digital gap. The training programs will be tested and evaluated in the four “pilot sites” (Bologna, Ireland, Greece, Germany), and will subsequently be made available to the community.

Aias Bologna Onlus will be involved in the development of training programs and in the organization of meetings with local stakeholders for testing and intermediate evaluation. It will also have an active role in the distribution and communication actions of the Project results.

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