The RoBò project aims to develop a service model, one in its kind in Italy, aimed at the realization of psycho-educational activities based on social robotics in favour of students with autism or intellectual disabilities.

It is the result of thirty years of experience of AIAS Bologna in the field of services for the provision of technological aids. Should also be underlined the recent experience in the use of social robotics in the treatment of minors with ASD.

The project, thanks to the collaboration of the department of Computer Science of the University of Sheffield (GB), aims to achieve three specific objectives:

  • collecting evidence about the effectiveness of the service model RoBò;
  • exploring the integration of robotics, social and virtual reality to create a more effective system of interaction child-robot;
  • extend the application of the model RoBò, today limited to educational institutions, to other companies that host people with intellectual disabilities (e.g., daycare centers).

In addition to promoting the participation and social inclusion of students with autism or intellectual disabilities, the project will promote the dissemination of innovative technologies in education.

With the support of:

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