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Project start: 1 October 2019
Duration: 24 months
Project Leader: IMOTEC (Lithuania)
Partners: AIAS Bologna onlus (Italy), UNIBO (Italy), ATEMPO (Germany), FENACERCI (Portugal), CENCIMARANTE (Portugal), LNF Lithuanian National Forum of the Disabled (Lithuania)


On 1st October 2019 the “MEME – Me & the Media” Project, of which Aias Bologna Onlus is a partner, started. The “MEME” project is a project funded under the Erasmus + program. The aim of the project is to contrast stereotypes and marginalization of people with disabilities in social media, encourage their use and provide tools for the correct and safe use of the most popular social media both for people with disabilities and for their teachers, educators and families.

After a first part of research on the representation of people with disabilities in modern media (online newspapers, social media, etc.), the project includes a workshop with young adults with disabilities (from 16/18 to 35 years) during which the Participants will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the use of social media, connect with their peers at European level and create an accessible guide for the correct use of social media themselves.

At the same time, on the basis of what emerged from the laboratories, a series of tools aimed at teachers, educators and families will also be created for the self-assessment of skills and the deepening of some issues related to the risks deriving from the use of social media, to the possibilities representation and autonomy in the use of online tools and activity programs to be developed.

During the project, an app will also be developed which, in the form of a game, will help users understand the importance and risks of using social media. The project aims to make people with disabilities the actors of the empowerment process and construction of the tools that will then be made available to the community. The co-creation of the tools is therefore the key concept on which the MEME project is based.
AIAS will be involved in all phases of the design, as well as collaborating with the leader in the management and analysis of the quality of the project.

Intellectual Outputs:

  1. A study that will deeply focus on stereotypes, investigating how they are created and the way they are evolving due to the democratization of digital media.
  2.  The Social Media Training Labs aimed at the development of Guidelines for social media use.
  3.  Learning programme for Adult educators, PwD workers and assistants 
  4.  Serious Mobile game.
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