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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world moved online which inevitably moved education online. The trend of digitalisation was accelerated, but not everyone was prepared and equipped with the right tools to cope with moving almost completely online. People with disabilities were among a few of those whose needs were not completely met.  

Focusing the lens on education, vocational educational training (VET) centres took quite a hit as they had to close due to the pandemic. Adapting to remote teaching was and continues to be a challenge for the educational sector. To combat the lack of digital skills and necessary digital infrastructure, the DIGI READY project has been launched. 


DIGI READY will identify innovative practices that the education sector followed to ensure digital inclusion in VET across Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will aim at: 

  1. Setting up a new mindset with educators to use digital structures in their daily work
  2. Amplifying a new form of teaching that every VET center and school system had to deal with
  3. Transfering digital changes into the educational sector and to address all target groups of these institutions.

Main target groups

  1. Students with disabilities
  2. Professionals in VET
  3. Policy makers
  4. Service providers


The project will develop three core elements:

  •  A good practices catalogue which will gather best practices during the pandemic followed by VET sector during the pandemic in digital inclusion.
  • A handbook consisting of digital competence indicators and guidelines for “going digital” along with a collection of accessible and inclusive digital tools and recommendations for a systemic change for a “new and inclusive normal”.


January 2022-January 2024


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