Carefull Europe: a Call for Action

How can we care more fully?

A Carefull Europe will protect and enhance supports and services for people who need them, while also knowing that good services alone are not enough for a
good life – people need to live in neighbourhoods and communities that provide connection, participation and meaning, and an opportunity to care about and for each other.

Research and policy already show that key enablers are being:

  • Person-centred
  • Integrated
  • Technology enabled
  • Transformative

Launched by the SHAPES project, in collaboration with us, and promoted by Finnish MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen, this Call for Action stems from research findings and results recently presented in the European Parliament.

The initiative is aimed at fostering a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable European Union for our citizens as they age. By signing this Call for Action, you will be advocating for policies that ensure all older European citizens to have equal opportunities, regardless of their physical or mental difficulties or abilities.

After endorsements have been collected from MEPs, this Call will be circulated among member states, taking the commitment to inclusivity to a broader European stage.

To endorse the call, please click here: Carefull Europe

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