ENTELIS+ project First Workshop

ENTELIS+ project First Workshop

“Developing the digital skills of people with disabilities and older adults for a more inclusive digital society”

Today the first ENTELIS+ workshop will be held. The aim of this workshop is to present the work being carried out by the project and showcase the preliminary research results. Participants will also be invited to take part in a practical part of the workshop to identify and share good practices and their experience on digital accessibility skills and to help identify the key elements for developing more inclusive and accessible future training and education programmes.

Questions that will be addressed in the discussion:

– What are the key success factors in fostering digital skills of people with disabilities and older adults?

– How can we prepare a more inclusive and accessible future training and education?

  • What are the main target groups to receive this type of training and what are their specific training needs?
  • What type of training programmes should be designed (Type, access, level, duration, materials etc.)?

Detailed Programme: 

  1. Introduction  and presentation of the project (Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, AAATE/AIAS Bologna)
  2. Presentation of the methodology used and the research (Aashish Verma, JKU)
  3. Presentation of the state of the art research on digital skills for people with disabilities and olders persons, accessibility of service provision and the role of ICT accessibility in inclusive education. (Jon Switter, FUNKA)
  4. Interactive Session based on guided discussion (Moderator: Jon Switter, FUNKA)
  5. Conclusions (Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, AAATE/AIAS Bologna)

Date:  9th of September 2020, 13.00-14.20 CET

Duration: 80min

The initiative is free of charge, but registration is required through the ICCHP conference registration facility. In case you are only interested in the workshop you can also register here.

More info: https://www.icchp.org/programme-icchp/Workshops 

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