WeCareMore Webinar

WeCareMore Webinar

Ideas and Projects for Health and Social Care services 2.0

The current health emergency has highlighted the need to rethink the way in which social and health services are provided for everyone, especially those supporting the most vulnerable people such as the elderly and disabled. Safety, efficiency, effectiveness, respect for privacy, quality of life for people, but also maintenance of costs and the role of the territory, together with tools such as preventive medicine, integrated care, telemedicine, digitization and the use of ICT technologies: these are the key words in the debate that is growing these days and which has as its background the desire, and now also the need, for innovation.

AIAS Bologna onlus is active, locally and internationally, in interventions aimed at the most vulnerable people and in research and innovation projects on these issues. The WeCareMore Research and Innovation Center was born from this commitment in 2019.

The invitation is an opportunity to get to know the paths and experiences of this Center which presents itself, with a non-for-profit logic, as a possible resource for public bodies in the process of transformation of the social and health sector and for (co-) design of person-centered care solutions.

On the 28th May 2020 the WeCareMore Team held his first webinar entitled “WeCareMore: Ideas and Projects for Health and Social Care services 2.0”. Representative of Local Health Care and Social Care services, Educational services and local administrators attended the webinar and were made aware of the aims and future activities of some of our project like SHAPES and ProACT.

Meeting Agenda

  • 12,00 – Introduction
  • 12,10 – Digital Care networks for Health and self-management. ProACT case study
  • 12,25 – Being healthy and Active: “Vivo…” case study
  • 12,40 – Technological Innovation and data management and protection
  • 12,50 – Collaboration opportunities e co-design:  SHAPES  et others
  • 13,00 – Closing

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