Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, M.A. & M.Lett.

Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf is Head of the Sector Assistive Technology, Head of The Centre for Innovation and Research WeCareMore of AIAS Bologna onlus and experienced European Project Manager. He has worked for different other organisations as well, among which ITT (NL),  Funka (S) and COSPE (IT). Currently he is also working as Project Manager for AAATE. He is past president of AAATE  and board member and chair of the Person-Centred Technology Group of EASPD. His areas of expertise are project management, communication and dissemination, AT training and education, policy development. As a project manager he has worked in the PROEIPAHA Project (Funka/Horizon2020), as a coordinator in the ENTELIS Project (AIAS/LLL), the KPT project (AIAS/LLL), as a WP leader/researcher  he has worked in the Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction (TOBI) project (EPFL/AIAS/7th Framework Programme) and in the ProACT project (Trinity College Dublin /AIAS/ Horizon2020).

Massimiliano Malavasi, M.Sc

Massimiliano Malavasi is the coordinator of the R&D and Training Areas of AIAS Ausilioteca AT team and has worked in several national and European research projects including Aertech (Emilia Romagna Region), Nadia (Italian Space Agency), TOBI (EPFL/AIAS/, FP7), eAccess+ (JKU/AIAS/7th Framework programme), Atlec (OakField/AIAS/LLP), Edurob (Nottingham Trend University/AIAS/ LLP). He was also involved in the ProACT (EU, H2020) and CloudCAST (University of Sheffield/AIAS/Leverhulme) research projects. He is part of the team of the WeCareMore Centre and performs primary activities of applied research, training, methodological consultancy and design (AAL solutions, assistive technology, electrical engineering and construction) to institutions, companies, professionals and end users. In recent years he has carried out an intense activity of dissemination on scientific and technical issues related to assistive technologies and AAL and their integration in the welfare systems, attending conferences, national and international courses and contributing to publications. One of the founders of AitAAL (Italian Association for AAL), he is currently a board member. He’s an active member of GLIC (Italian Network of AT Centres) and AAATE (Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe).

Lorenzo Desideri, PhD. 

Lorenzo Desideri works as a researcher within the Sector Projects for Innovation and the WeCareMore Centre of AIAS Bologna onlus. He is also adjunct professor at the University of Bologna teaching in the course Psychology of Language. His research interests span across Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Sciences and Human-Computer Interaction. He is especially interested in how technology can promote the cognitive and social development of people with intellectual, language and learning disabilities. Lorenzo has received his Master degree (with honors) in Applied Cognitive Psychology and the 2nd level specialization degree in Health Psychology both from the University of Bologna. In 2015 Lorenzo received a PhD degree from the CAPHRI School for Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) at the University of Maastricht (NL), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Luc P. de Witte, Gert Jan Gelderblom, and Uta Roentgen. With a multidisciplinary background in applied psychology, cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy, assistive technology, and health services research, Lorenzo has working experience in EU funded research projects, academia and public health sector. He coauthored publications in Brain-Computer Interfaces, user-centred design, eye movements, and assistive technology service delivery.

Valentina Fiordelmondo, M.A.

Valentina Fiordelmondo is a staff member of the Projects for Innovation Sector of AIAS Bologna onlus and part of the team of the WeCareMore Centre. She has a Master Degree in Economy and Finance (2008) and a Master degree in Social policies and sustainable development of the territory (2011). Since 2011 she is working as a researcher and data analyst in regional and EU funded projects for private institutions and academia. As part of the AIAS project team, she has worked in the ENTELIS Project (AIAS/LLL), SHELDON project (ERASMUS+), ProACT project (Trinity College Dublin/AIAS/Horizon2020) and in other national project funded by local foundations. She is currently working in European and National projects both as a coordinator and part of the staff.

Arianna Gherardini, M.A.

Arianna Gherardini is a psychologist and works as a researcher for WeCareMore centre and AIAS Bologna Onlus. She has received a Master degree (with honors) in Neurosciences and neuropsychological rehabilitation from the University of Bologna and is now attending the school of specialization AcaBS (Academy of Behavioral Sciences) of Reggio Emilia to achieve the PsyD degree in developmental psychotherapy. Her fields of expertise are mostly neuroscience and cognitive-behavioural approaches. She collaborates in projects about IOT, robotics, eHealth, eCare and disabilities.

Lisa Cesario

Lisa Cesario holds a degree in Computer Science obtained at the University of Bologna. Her expertise is in the development of software (e.g. apps for smartphones and other mobile platforms) and applications in the field of robotics and computer vision. She further works on IOT applications, robotic systems and multimodal communication. Since 2018 she works for AIAS in the framework of eHealth and eCare projects and is part of the team of the WeCareMore Centre .

Maria Rosaria Motolese, PhD

Maria Rosaria Motolese works as senior consultant for AIAS Bologna, where she is part of the assessment team of the Centre for the Environmental Adaptation (CAAD) in Bologna. She also works occasionally for the Centre for Innovation and Research WeCareMore. She has a Phd title in Civil Engineering and she collaborated to several research projects, for Italian and European Programmes, about technological innovations, services and building dedicated to the aged people. She is a well-known professional and she performs activities of dissemination and training in the field of accessibility and design for all, technology and elderly care.

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Elisabetta Dondi

Elisabetta Dondi is a clinician working in the assessment team of the Regional Centre for Assistive Technology in Bologna and the Centre for Environmental Adaption. She is associated as junior researcher to the WeCareMore Team.

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Carlo Montanari

Carlo Montanari is a telecommunication engineer that recently joined the research team of AIAS Bologna. He is specialized in home automation systems, digital health solutions and human machine interfaces.